Køberhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark

DSC_0152City Wandering. Before; I was not ‘in’ on city wandering. meandering would be a better word. Fish out of water.

But this city is made for city wandering; it has converted me over these two days and realised that three full days is the ideal time for this type of ‘break’. Much like a long weekend. Oh did i also say that this city has a couples destination feel to it? For such a long weekends; short breaks; or Holidays.

I feel that there is a natural, subconscious order and flow that you find yourself in.

Have coffees regularly during the day at a cafes.

A modern city with L’Eroica era vibe to the bikes. In addition; to a early 20th Century L.A. traffic vibe and Kansas wide roads. 

My First day; meandered around the upper part of the city (The metro line as the transect) from Nørreport Station and upwards towards the cruise ship docks and Nyhavn. Second day; Much the same, but took the bus and walk the rest of the lower city. The third day which i need to do; cycle around the city all day. I regret not cycling the whole city sooner. An excuse to come back. A sense of direction plus a sixth sense to anticipated cyclists rather than cars first. This i like. 70’s and 80’s bikes rule the roads.


Due to the lack of a plug converter, the camera battery fell flat so no photographs for day two. This was a massive inconvenience towards the end of awesome and immersive day as it was the better day for subject matter. Sketching a Copenhagen mural into my journal was the next best alternative. One following thought ran through my mind.

That is Classic Copenhagen shot summing everything up in one frame is there… Just no way of accurately recording it . So i will try a describe it.


‘ A mackerel sky with a low, mid summer sunset, casting a typical, mellow and soft golden light on to the clouds. A baby blue sky behind. Copenhagen’s Kansas wide streets adds a sense of freedom and provides the foreground. The ‘leafy’ park creates a subconscious tree lined avenue in the middle of the ‘shot’. Perfect light with the perfect exposure and correct aperture would combine to  make an Instagram worthy photograph.’

Two things compound this mental conversation. The realisation that i need an extra day here and that i couldn’t have capture that trip highlight shot.

Dare i say, that i could live here.

I will be back. Soon. I hope.

Next Stop:

Oslo, Norway.

Hostel Info:

A&O Copenhagen Nørrebrø, Tagensvej 135-137 Copenhagen.