Oslo, Norway



The one difference between the journey to Copenhagen and that of Oslo, is, it was done during the day. Between drifting in and out of sleep, the eight hour coach marathon was enjoyed mostly with cloudless skies. Once passed the Swedish/Norwegian unmanned border crossing, the cloud and the rain rolled in, making the whole affair a little bit more British and less Copenhagen blues. The coach did have free and decent WiFi on the plus side. After finding the hostel with a dying phone battery, i was all set for tomorrows’ museum sesh. Foolishly, didn’t anticipate being presented with numerous bottles of alcohol from my fellow dorm mates. Very kind souls.

Having gain previous city wondering from; Oslo present no major issues, apart from the feel of narrow streets compared with the former city. But similar retro bikes.

Coffee isn’t just a drink here, it is a way of life.

All the museums that i visited offered student discount; even a UK Student NUS card! Champion. The Norwegian resistance museum and the ‘Fram’ Museum were particularly good with the National Maritime and Viking ship museums adding to the benefit of the other two. All are recommended.

The ”Fram” was used over three expeditions to explore, map and research the Arctic and Antarctic and famously helped Amundsen reach the magnetic South Pole before Captain Robert Falcon Scott. After an interest in that era of exploration by Larson, Cook, Weddell, Nansen, Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton et al.; this was on par, if not better than the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. the displays include original equipment used in the expeditions, polar medal awarded, personal accounts/reenactments, bring the whole timeline together. It’s rated Norway top museum on Tripadvisor, 2015 if that will persuade you to go.


So now to coffee. Tim Wenbelboe, a highly awarded coffee shop and roast house winning Nordic Roaster 2008, ’09, ’10, ’15, ’16 plus other achievements. Worth a pilgrimage to the hipster part of Oslo. In addition to the ‘Peleton’ cafe and bar which offers decent coffee at less of an expense. With a great cycling vibe to it.


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