© Photography by Knut Andreas

I suppose i should introduce myself to people that might not know me personally. I am a 22 year old studying Marine and Freshwater Conservation at the University of Cumbria, England with a keen interest in all things water based but mainly in the pursuit of Limnology and fish ecology. I am a cyclist, climber and a trying to be ‘good fly fisherman’; with try and good being the important terms there. You can never be an ‘Expert’ in the art of fly fishing as a skillful and wise friend of mine says. Freshwater ecology I feel get little attention in the grand scheme of Ecology and Conservation and is only reserve for the ‘die hard’ fans of this trade. This is where i want to be…

Norway_Flag14Norway. The realisation of the dream. With its mix of mountains, fjords, glaciers and rivers; it’s hard not to dream and fall in love with one of the UK’s closest neighbours. It boils down to seven months of living and working in Norway; while taking a year out of my undergrad degree as a vocational placement.


The aim of this blog has a number of reasons for it’s creation:

  • Show that a placement isn’t all about the placement but the journey to get there and back!
  • To document my vocational placement with the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA) in Trondheim, Norway.
  • And to update interested parties in my work.